Our Fresh Homemade Curries for You

Butter Chicken
The chicken is marinated overnight in North Indian spices, and cooked in a rich and savory tomato coconut cream sauce.
Kerala Beef Curry
Juicy beef marinated and slow-cooked in aromatic spices. Drizzled with organic coconut oil, and tempered in homemade, roasted garam masala. 
Lentil Curry
Our vegan/vegetarian dish that everyone loves. The hearty lentils are cooked in a flavorful, turmeric-spiced tomato base, and garnished with fresh cilantro.   
Gulab Jamun
Try this authentic, traditional Indian dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Inside contains decadent milky dough deep fried and soaked in a rose water nectar. 
Butter Chicken
Beef Curry
Lentil Curry                                         
Paratha (Indian flatbread)$2
Gulab Jamun$4
Double Chocolate Cookie$2
Curry Lovers provides homemade Indian food to the Alva community.
Menu by Nissi Jordan
Cooking with Love for 20+ Years
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